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Hand stitched leather fuel bib, sized to fit around the standard fuel pipe of a classic mini.


Customised fuel bib, engraved to your own requirements, add your registration, car's name or a custom logo to one of our fuel bibs.  Pictures shown are some of the custom designs requested by previous customers.


Please note, all fuel bibs are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to make, they are not normally returnable as they will be made to your own specification.

Personalised Mini Leather Fuel Bib

Leather Colour
Stitching Colour
  • Our Leather Fuel Bib is made from high quality Italian Lamport Leather, professionally finished and hand stitched in a choice of colours.

    Fuel Bib is sized to fit the standard fuel pipe of a classic mini with a 62mm hole.

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